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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FIX University Welcomes

TV Guide -
Listings and information provided by the publishers of the print magazine. -
Provides daily updated details of all television programs broadcast in Australia every week.
AOL Television - Local TV Listings -
Get local and national TV listings for your area.
Live Sport on TV -
Listings of live sport on all British terrestrial, satellite, and cable channels.
The Late Night TV Page -
Lineups for various late night shows. -
Information about shows, schedules, and celebrities appearing on Indian networks Star and StarPlus. -
Program listings in customizable grid format.
Advance Production News -
Information on television programs, feature films, videos, and series in production in the United Kingdom. -
Listings for each day's UK television, including regional guides, and selected satellite and Freeview channels.
Live Football on TV -

Listings of matches on all British terrestrial, satellite and cable channels.
Live TV Listings -
Listings for UK terrestrial, cable, and satellite TV channels.
The Telco Report -
Provides program information to world television markets.
onTV Europe -
Provides information and listings to European broadcasters seeking to offer program guides to viewers.
OurGuide -
Victoria's regional television guide, covering Melbourne, Victoria and Southern NSW. Listings organized by region. -
Listings for programs in New Zealand. Includes feature articles, previews, and reviews.
MyWay: TV -
Ratings, news, and local listings.
AOL Television Calendar -
Includes television premiere dates, finales, tv specials and events.

Closed Captioning Web -
Information on captioning services, technology, jobs, and related laws. Also includes reports on efforts to get closed captioning for theatrical films.
Joe Clark: Media Access -
Large collection of writings by a recognized expert on accessibility issues related to TV, movies, and the Internet.
The Media Access Mailing List -
Subscription information for list dedicated to closed-captioning, audio description, Web, CD-ROM, multimedia access, and related issues.
The Robson Family -
Captioning advocate's site includes closed-captioning FAQ, information on realtime stenotype keyboards, and books on captioning.

Fernando IX University
PBS Online -
This Web site from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) features companion Web sites for nearly 250 PBS programs and specials, as well as seven online neighborhoods that aggregate content by genre and interest.
Corporation for Public Broadcasting -
CPB funds Public Television and Public Radio programs.
PBS - Station Finder -
Contact information for every PBS affiliate. Linked to web site if possible.
Independent Television Service (ITVS) -
Provides funding, production and promotion of independent filmmaking for public television documentaries, narratives, interstitial and children's programming.
Independent Lens -
Showcases independent dramas and documentaries. Includes overview, broadcast schedule, and resources.
Current Online -
The web service of "Current", the biweekly newspaper about Public Television and Public Radio in the United States.
Association of America's Public Television Stations -
A nonprofit membership organization established in 1980 to support the continued growth and development of a strong and financially sound noncommercial television service for the American public.
NETA Online -
National Educational Telecommunications Association.

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