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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what is going on around campus?

Fernando IX University

Cultural Center of Cali offers Wi-Fi

The facilities offer the solution for thousands of Cali residents and tourists
to find a wireless Internet, thanks to being the first public building in the city
that offers this alternative @ no cost.

Fernando IX University

Culture for the Bicentennial on Campus

In view of the Bicentennial celebration, the Institute of Fine Arts Departmental prepared with graphic design students of tenth-grade semester as a project, an initiative that promotes cultural history of historical sites and monuments and emblematic of the city.

In the Plaza de Cayzedo were highlighted four fragments of the history of the independence of Cali and dramatized through music, with two types of songs: sad and happy and a hip hop dance and break dance to highlight the present time.

For the realization of this proposal, the Civic Guards in Santiago de Cali developing the strategic line "Gentle Care Citizen" and his work as educators in the city, were the "bridge" to reach Cali, get your attention and highlight the importance our historical heritage.

The Civic Culture Advisor, Carlos Alberto Rojas, said: "The family Guards Civil and Civic Culture Program, we have been aware of what is and is preparing for the bicentennial celebration, as well as being an event of great importance, it behooves us as a supporting culture and citizenship to provide our full support to reach citizens and increase the sense of belonging and Cali. "

/Daniela Velásquez Fajardo/Tel.8891155 Daniela Velásquez Fajardo/Tel.8891155

Fernando IX University

Park Film ... perseverance successful projects

Park Film Collective would like to invite all to enjoy the Cali varied audiovisual programming all Saturdays in May, starting at 7:00 pm, at the roundabout half moon crafts @ Hill Park Cross, with its series "Work and Dignity", fully accessible to the public.

Following is the film schedule :

- Las Cenizas de Ángela - 8 de Mayo - Director: Alan Parker (1999) USA - Angela's Ashes - May 8 - Director: Alan Parker (1999) USA
- Norma Rae - 22 de Mayo de 2010 - Director: Martín Ritt (1979) USA - Norma Rae - May 22, 2010 - Director: Martin Ritt (1979) USA
- El Último Voto - 29 de Mayo de 2010 - Director: Joshua Michael Stern (2008) USA - The Last Vote - May 29, 2010 - Director: Joshua Michael Stern (2008) USA

Fernando IX University

Fernando IX University

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