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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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INNSBRUCK 2012 6/159
24 February 2012 | By : YOG team

We will never forget you, Yoggl

Here in the YOG team we can’t help but notice that something seems to be missing from our lives. After much soul searching, we have come to the conclusion that that hole has a distinctive goat-like shape. Yes, YOG fans, we are missing that lovable Innsbruck 2012 mascot, Yoggl!

With his job entertaining fans and supporting the athletes at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games complete, everyone’s favourite Alpine chamois has gone back to join his herd in the Tyrolean mountains, but we couldn’t let him go without a proper goodbye. More importantly, we needed something to remember him by. So, in this latest video we look back on some of his finest moments and pay homage to one of the greatest mascots the world has ever seen.

Thank you, Yoggl - you rock!

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